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Chankast Utilities v0.2a Released! (Includes Chankast Cheat Assistant v0.2a. Please replace it with the Chankast Cheat Assistant *fixed* version in the downloads page due to a bug in it that we just fixed)

Chankast Utilities v0.1 *fixed* Released! Please download this fixed version instead. It will fix many of the options because of a CRC check bug in the initial release.

Chankast Utilities v0.1 Released! Download it in our Downloads section.

Both subdomains are now working (


Were currently working on getting the subdomain set up for and a redirect of

Chancast Cheat Assistant Released! Go to our downloads page to start finding cheats and post them in our forum.

Welcome to the official Chankast Utilities page!

Chankast Utilities is a modified version of the original Chankast Emulator that was recently made to emulate the DreamCast. It includes several enhanced new features that you can only recieve from Chankast Utilities. We have our own Testing Team and also our main programmer is Kryso. He has helped the original Callus Emulator and even made support shock for it. With Chankast Utilities you can use Cheats, take easy snapshots, Speed up the emulation dramatically (we have gotten over a 100FPS) with more system compatibility than the original Chankast.

Currently here is the progress chart and full list of added features..

1. Speed Pig, for speed seeting. 90%
2. GameBuster, for Cheat. 50%
3. ForceFeedback, for the dualshock. 10%
4. VMSManager, for Manage the VMS. 100%
5. ConfigureRegion, for setting the region. 100%
6. SnapIt, Snap pictures with hot key ALT+s. 95%
7. BugReport, link to here. 100%

Some information about Speed Pig, what it does is that it decreases the refresh time, it doesn't exactly improve the speed of your pc though. Each program has a delay time, not the same as frame skip, between each frame. What he does is, he improves the time up time. This makes the game substantially faster while being emulated as you can see the remarkable speed of the FPS in our screenshots section. Any more features you can think of to add to our next release? Contact Us!

Currently we have had no word from the Chanka Developers Team for permission to release Chankast Utilities even though it is not done yet. We have also made a topic in their official forums and they still have not responded to that either. However, we will still release it. If there is any problems that may appear, meaning they do email us, we will negotiate an agreement. Until then, no concern shows us we can do this, and by doing this anyways, we will be helping the Chankast and DreamCast Emulation scene by doing so.

Our purpose in this project was to make Chankast more popular and to allow more people to be able to use it by increasing system compatibility with our Speed Pig utility which is only one of them. We support the Chankast Developers Team very much and we will help them add some of our features in their actual emulator if they choose to. Were so happy that they could make a dreamcast emulator and all we want is to make it better, so what's wrong with that? :-)

All the extra addons and utilities that were made for Chankast are ©2004-2005 1Emulation InterActive. All Rights Reserved. Everything else, including the core of the emulator are (C) 2004 Chanka. Please respect the Chanka Developers Team for their hardwork on this awesome emulator. This website was made to further make Chankast more popular and fun for a much bigger audience. Please use the contacts page if you have any questions. Currrently the Chanka Developers Team have shown no concern over our Utilities Pack and they have not emailed us as well at all.